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Pear w/ Star Anise Butter


***SEASONAL*** Pear w/ Star Anise Butter. Sweet Anjou pears, infused with star anise, with a touch of orange and nutmeg for holiday spice.  This is a can’t miss star in our holiday limited edition selection.  This can be selected as a part of a Gift 3-pack of 1/4 pints.  It is also available in individual 1/2 Pints and 1/4 Pints.

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Ingredients: Anjou pears, orange, sugar, water, lemon, nutmeg, star anise

Storage: Refrigerate after opening. Enjoy within 1 year of date on lid label.

So many ways to use it!

  • Glaze for a roast
  • Spread on a sandwich
  • Stir into oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese
  • Topping for pancakes & waffles
  • Warm it up a little and spoon over ice cream
  • Swirl into cake batter right before baking
  • Cheese & charcuterie boards
  • Grilled cheese! Pair with either brie or cheddar or gouda
  • PB & Pear Butter (instead of PB & J)

Pear w/ Star Anise Butter – 1/4 Pint, Pear w/ Star Anise Butter – 1/2 Pint


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