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Strawberry Jam


Fresh, ripe strawberries full of the flavor of spring/summer are perfectly captured in this small-batch Strawberry Jam that’s not too sweet and not overcooked so the bright flavor of the fresh berries is preserved. (Size: Pint, 1/2 Pint & 1/4 Pint Available)

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Ingredients: strawberries, sugar, apple, lemon.

Storage: Refrigerate after opening. Enjoy within 1 year.

A Few Uses:

  • Great on toast or on a bagel with a little cream cheese
  • Add to your morning smoothies
  • Stir into yogurt
  • Stir into lemonade or sparkling water for a refreshing beverage
  • Jam thumbprint cookies – use vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon cookie dough
  • Swirl into fresh or soft ice cream or serve over top
  • Serve with or fill crepes
  • Jazz up some oatmeal, a granola parfait or cottage cheese
  • Good ol’ PB&J – a classic pair for a reason!
  • Fill between cake layers – I personally love to pair this jam with chocolate cake
  • Fill macarons – pipe a thin edge of buttercream on the bottom of one macaron shell, fill the center with jam, and press the second shell on top
  • Stuffed french toast
  • Core and fill cupcakes before frosting them for a surprise hit of goodness
  • Toss with some sliced fresh strawberries for a quick Strawberry Shortcake filling
  • Donut filling!

Strawberry Jam – 1/2 Pint, Strawberry Jam – 1/4 Pint, Strawberry Jam – Pint


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